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SBK X Superbike World Championship by SouthPeak Interactive




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  • Mild Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: SouthPeak Interactive
  • Developer: SouthPeak Interactive
  • Category: Sports , Racing

Product Details:

Feel the thrill of extreme racing in the superbike world with a completely revamped experience in SBK®X. The newest installment in the popular series offers the ultimate in speed, courage and adrenaline. Build a career in Simulation mode and completely customize your ride to your liking or experience the heart pumping, non-stop, adrenaline rushing Arcade mode that lets players jump right into the race like a seasoned veteran. In addition to the Simulation and Arcade modes, you can take the race online and challenge up 16 players in a true test of skill and endurance to claim victory among your competitors. So, whether you like a hands-on approach with your ride or prefer to just hit the gas and go - SBK®X is the game for you.

Game Features:

  • Arcade and Simulation modes
  • 7 offline modes, 4 online modes
  • 16 player online multiplayer
  • Build a career, create a custom rider, and customize your superbike
  • 10 Official bike brands (Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Ducati, etc.)
  • 90 current riders plus the ability to race against the former kings of the sport in Legendary Mode
  • 14 tracks with realistic weather effects that change track conditions in real-time
  • Incredible damage model heightens the realistic racing experience


Game Details

Number of Online Players
Online multiplayer 2 - 16