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NHL 08 by EA Sports




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: EA Sports
  • Developer: EA Sports
  • Category: Sports , Hockey

Product Details:

Use every skill in your arsenal to experience the explosive power of hockey with NHL 08. Combine the elements of power, speed, and finesse like never before as you develop from an up and coming player into an electrifying NHL superstar. Use the enhanced Skill Stick to shoot anywhere on net, deke past opponents, or check rivals into the boards as you become the league's most dominant player. With stunning gameplay graphics, an improved deking system and sweet spot shooting, and innovative gameplay features, no game is ever the same with NHL 08.

  • Skill Stick Moments - The Skill Stick gave you the power to deke the goalie in NHL 07, now you can own the 1-on-1 matchup and undress opposing defensemen with complete control of the puck. Tap the puck into space and between a defender's legs to walk around him. Once you're all alone in front, improved stick handling and shooting accuracy gives you the toolset to beat your goaltender for that decisive goal.
  • On the Fly AI - Dynamic AI adjusts to your every move on offense and defense, challenging even the most skilled hockey players. The intelligent CPU scouts your tendencies like a coach and makes the necessary adjustments to shut down your money plays, forcing you to adjust your style of play.
  • Create Custom Plays - Take any team into Practice mode and train them to run custom rush and in-zone plays in-game. Do you want your team to run cycle plays down low or feed the point for a one-timer? Record the exact movements of each player and watch as the AI executes them during gameplay.
  • All-New Skating Engine - New analog speed control gives you the variance needed to glide into the zone with control or get a burst of speed to step up on a defender. With new skating animations and responsiveness, you have the control to perform crossovers to maintain speed or carve tight turns for an immediate change in direction.