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Heroes Over Europe by UbiSoft




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  • Language
  • Use of Tobacco
  • Violence
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Simulation , Military
  • Players:1 Player

Product Details:

In Heroes Over Europe, you will experience the major European aerial battles of World War II. The sequel to the 2005 World War II flight combat game Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes over Europe takes aspiring combat pilots into the bullet-ridden heart of major World War II air battles in glorious high definition.

Collect Your 2 Exclusive Planes - the Spitfire Mk IX-c and the  Me109 G10 - and join the Heroes Over Europe !

  • Go to the Main Menu screen
  • For the Spitfire Mk IX-c, Enter [Left-Analog Up, Left-Analog Down, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Right-Analog Up, Right-Analog Down]
  • For the ME109 G10, Enter [Left-Analog Left, Left-Analog Right, Left Trigger, Right Trigger, Right-Analog Left, Right-Analog Right]
  • The planes will now be unlocked in the Plane selection menu



  • Advanced WWII realism: 14 legendary planes like the Spitfire or the Mustang, iconic environments like the London Bridge Tower, Berlin or the French Alps Mountains and fully customizable aircrafts with localized damage
  • Immersive dogfights features: Master the "Ace Kill" to blast your enemy with one shot, experience the thrill of dive bomb attack and use contrails, clouds and the sun to hide and evade
  • Largest number of online modes for a console plane simulation: Play in the 2 dogfight modes -solo or team dogfights- or choose to play the 2 tactical modes: Conquest Battle or Conquest War


Game Details

Content Download
Number of Online Players
Number of Players
1 Player
HDTV 720p
In-game Dolby Digital
Hard Drive Space
Hard Drive Required