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Dynasty Warriors Gundam by KOEI




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Developer: KOEI
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Dynasty Warriors Gundam lets you pilot heavily armored Mobile Suits optimized for short-range combat with a vast selection of weapons. Experience the action as your favorite heroes and villains from across the Gundam universe, from the Universal Century to the Future Century. The hyper-kinetic combat takes you to terrestrial and stellar battle zones that require strategy and strength. With a variety of modes, power upgrades and exciting unlockables, Dynasty Warriors Gundam keeps you immersed in a fast-paced frenzy.

The battle may seem impossible and the odds may seem long, but thankfully you're in the cockpit of an incredible Mobile Suit. With such power at your disposal, the fight is never truly lost. Lead your forces to victory in rich, futuristic battlegrounds that take place in the legendary Gundam universe. It's time for epic gameplay with lightning-fast thrills in which only the quick-witted will survive.
  • Unlock Mobile Suits and pilots from different Gundam universe timelines
  • Discover secret missions that provide extra hours of enjoyment
  • Take part in single or co-op play with modes that include Official, Original and Versus
  • Upgrades for both Mobile Suits and pilots let you enhance your skills and powers
  • Heavily armored Mobile Suits are agile enough for quick decisions and limber moves