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Wireless Force Feedback Wheel for Xbox 360 by MadCatz

  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: MadCatz
  • Developer: MadCatz
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

Experience every jolt, bump and shudder with Mad Catz' officially licensed Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox 360. Force feedback makes the wheel come alive as you feel each and every nuance of the road. Rev up the throttle and when the tires start to slip, powerful rumble technology kicks in to provide the response needed to make race-critical adjustments. Complete with a sequential stick shift and true-to-life gas and brake pedals, all the intensity of a race comes to the comfort of your home and shifts your next-generation racing into top gear.

Force Feedback Provides Realistic Resistance

Just like in a real car, the wheel reacts to what is happening on the racetrack and provides resistance when you turn. Enhance your gaming performance as you get in tune with the road and experience shifts in weight and variances in surface conditions.

Feel the Game with Vibration Technology

Feel what's happening whenever your vehicle takes damage or changes terrain. Drive over the racetrack's edge or trade paint with the competition and Vibration Technology kicks in to enhance realism.

Upgradeable Firmware via USB

A convenient USB port helps future-proof the racing wheel - - just connect the wheel to your PC to download firmware updates and get up-to-date.

Powerful Wireless Connectivity

Boasting a wireless range of 40 feet, enjoy lag-free gameplay from anywhere in the room.

Full Rubber Grip Points

Ideal for extended races when comfort matters most, take hold of the full rubber grip points (A) for precise steering and utmost control.

Part-Metal Construction

Coupling a distinguished design with a durable build, the part-metal construction (B) increases longevity while delivering appealing aesthetics.

Interchangeable Gear Shift

Whether you're a left- or right-handed racer, an interchangeable gear shift (C) accommodates. Simply screw it into the side of the wheel which best suits your racing style.

Non-Slip Pedal Set

Reserve drifting for the racetrack - - hit the gas or slam on the brakes and their non-slip surface helps the pedals stay put. Give your inactive foot a supportive break with the detachable foot rest.

Two Mounting Options

For a completely stable response, attach the wheel to your desk or racing cockpit with the unique clamp mechanism. And when driving from the comfort of your couch, detachable leg supports keep the wheel securely nestled in your lap.

Integrated Xbox LIVE Headset Port

When you're ready to pit your racing skills against online competitors, just plug directly into the integrated headset port to gain control of all your conversations.

Product Includes:
  • Wireless FFB Racing Wheel
  • Pedals
  • Lap Mount
  • Desk Clamp
  • AC Power Adapter