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HORI Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro VX SA KAI by Hori



Online Only
  • Platform: Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Hori
  • Developer: Hori
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

This Microsoft officially licensed fighting stick is a renewal version of HORI's "Real Arcade Pro" series fighting stick. It is a high end arcade style controller for the Xbox 360. Spacing between the stick lever and buttons has been increased for added comfort and better game play. Sanwa parts are used for the stick lever and all buttons. The "Start" and "Select" buttons can be toggled off to prevent accidental pressing of the START button during game play. Connect your Xbox headset (sold separately) to the available expansion port to chat over Xbox Live. Turbo functionality (3 speed settings) is also included. A great stick for fighting games and perfect for use in fighting game tournaments.

  • Officially licensed by Microsoft
  • Spacing between the stick lever and buttons has been increased (approximately 1 in) for added comfort and better game play (Sanwa parts used for stick lever and all buttons)
  • Toggle the Start/Select buttons to prevent accidentally pressing the Start button during game play.
  • 3 turbo settings available (5 times/sec, 10 times/sec, 20 times/sec)
  • Equipped with expansion port for connecting headsets, and the 9.8 ft cable can be conveniently stored in the cable storage box when not in use