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Go Play Lumberjacks by Majesco




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Majesco
  • Category: Balance Board

Product Details:

Go Play Lumberjacks pits a cast of wacky lumberjacks in four-player competition as they climb, chop, saw and logroll their way to victory! Use your Wii Remote as the all-in-one timber-cutting contest tool. Saw dust will fly from your chainsaw in the Hot Saw; test your balance on the waterlogged Log Roll, ascend towering tree trunks in the Pole Climb and much more!

  • Four-player party competition from the great outdoors!
  • Five event categories with featuring over 15 individual events: Sawing: Solo Cross, Hot Saw & more Axe Throwing: First to 1000, Time Limit & more Climbing: Pole Climb, Tree Top Chopping: Underhand, Springboard & more Water Events: Log Roll, Boom Run
  • 15 eclectic characters to chose from, each with unique animations and tools: Jack, the err, giant lumberjack Jill, the chainsaw-toting beauty Nozawa, the ninja assassin Bart, the peg legged pirate Lance, the lumbering medieval knight Axl, the 80's rocker
  • Unlock use of your own Mii!
  • Wii Balance Board support
  • Earn trophies unlockable pieces of gear (saws, axes, and more)
  • Up to four live players can play at a time (AI will fill in remaining spots in one, two or three individual player matches)

Important Information:

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