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Canada Hunt by Maximum Family Games




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  • Mild Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Maximum Family Games
  • Developer: Virtual Play Games
  • Category: Sports , Hunting

Product Details:

Featuring intensely lifelike animals in their natural habitats, Canada Hunt for Wii boasts an impressive ammo selection, specialized training, and bonus modes that guarantee hours of entertainment. Collect trophies as you advance through wildlife in search of elk, deer, spring gobblers and more. Activate "critter cam" for a third person perspective from the animal's viewpoint. Breathtaking scenery and amazing detail punctuate each challenge, making Canada Hunt a surprisingly authentic depiction of real-life hunting environments. Includes Arcade Mode for fast-paced shooting action. Choose the gear you want and the weapons you prefer. With so many options, Canada Hunt is every hunter's dream come true! Visually captivating and shockingly realistic, Canada Hunt takes you through some of the most exhilarating hunting territories in the world. Features lifelike animals in their natural habitats, specialized training and bonuses!

  • Includes ammo and gear selection, and custom hunter preferences
  • Hunt whitetail deer in Saskatchewan, gobblers in the low country of South Carolina and elk in the Colorado Rockies
  • Arcade Mode for faster-paced shooting
  • Collect trophies for each species


  • Whitetail Deer - ultra-realistic textures and motions including walking, alerting, running, and feeding
  • Rocky Mountain Elk - true to life graphics mimic the natural rhythm of this elusive animal
  • Wild Turkeys - amazing detail down to each feather, actual recorded vocalizations, and authentic behaviors
  • Critter Cam - third person perspective from the animal's viewpoint