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NEOGEO X Classics Volume 2 by Neo Geo

  • Platform: Vintage Software
  • Publisher: Neo Geo
  • Developer: Neo Geo
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Following the 20th anniversary of the ground breaking NEOGEO AES console, the NEOGEO X entertainment system provides players with all of the features of a home arcade and the convenience of a handheld gaming device. Enjoy the following classics!

  • SAMURAI SHODOWN III - 12 of the Ages Toughest Double-Identity Warriors! Select your warrior's style - "Chivalry" or "Treachery." Character moves and poses change with the style you choose! Choose wisely, for no warrior that challenges the "demon" Zankuro Minazuki has returned to tell the tale.
  • SAVAGE REIGN - When it reigns. It pours. When these warriors collide, they rumble like thunder and strike like lightning. And in the fiercest of battles, the mighty gladiators must struggle to obtain supreme power or fall by the wayside. As they take on the worlds, remember to carry a steel umbrella or get pounded by...the Savage Reign.
  • SUPER SIDEKICKS 3 - LOADED WITH WORLD CLASS EXCITEMENT! Features 6 competition modes like "World cup" for 64 worldwide teams. Utilizes Digitized Trace Animation and 3D camera angled shots for a realistic on-the-fly action packed graphics. With 8 different playing modes including options such as "speed" and "stamina." you can mix and match 512 different team configurations. Accidents hinder or enhance a team's ability within head-to-head game play for the ultimate super-real soccer experience!