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Yo-Kai Watch Nate with Mini Medal Moments by Hasbro



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  • Ships to U.S. addresses only
  • Platform: Collectibles
  • Publisher: Hasbro
  • Developer: Hasbro
  • Category: Collectibles , Figures

Product Details:

In the world of the Yo-kai . . . characters sometimes have those days where nothing goes right. They lose their keys. Their pants fall down. They fart in a crowded elevator! Chances are, a Yo-kai is to blame. They're everywhere, causing daily annoyances, and they're invisible except to the characters who have befriended them. Thanks to the magical Yo-kai Watch he wears on his wrist in the animated series, Nate encounters Yo-kai everywhere he goes. Some of them can be annoying, but most of them are just weird. He's learning the art of befriending the wacky inhabitants of the Yo-kai world, and one by one they're joining his team.

This item includes an exclusive Nate figure, along with 4 2-inch scale Medal Moments Yo-kai figures (including an exclusive Pandanoko figure) and their 4 Yo-kai Medals. The Medal Moments figures display the hilarious personality of the crazy characters from the Yo-kai Watch animated series. The figures include exclusive super lucky Pandanoko figure, fiery and competitive Blazion, pizza-loving Walkappa, and dancing seaweed Wiglin.