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CLUE: The Big Bang Theory by USAopoly



  • Platform: Card & Board Games , Collectibles
  • Publisher: USAopoly
  • Developer: USAopoly
  • Download Size:
  • Players:

Product Details:

A mastermind committed a horrible crime; messing with Sheldon's stuff! Now with CLUE®: The Big Bang Theory, help Sheldon solve the mystery! Was it Leonard in Penny's living room with the de-minted comic? Or Raj in the laundry room with the dismantled Shelbot? Crack the case for victory!

AGES 9+ | 3-6 players


Custom designed game board featuring 9 locations in The Big Bang Theory apartment building 6 Collectible "weapons" representing the heinous deeds committed against Sheldon including: Erased Equation Board, Dog-eared Comic, Wiped Hard Drive, Stained Cushion, Defiled Toothbrush, Dismantled Shelbot

6 classic Big Bang Theory movers including: Penny, Leonard, Bernadette, Howard, Amy, and Raj (all trying to escape Sheldon's wrath)

Suspect personality cards that give a special "power" to each player in the game. Rumor cards featuring 6 suspects, 9 rooms and 6 weapons