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BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp by ThinkGeek



  • Platform: Collectibles , Electronics
  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • Developer: ThinkGeek
  • Category: Collectibles

Product Details:

BB-8's "thumbs up" is so adorable. It makes us feel like we're listening to a power ballad. But as a light source it's not really sufficient. And it's got the added risk of open flame. You know us. We are not to be trusted around fire. So it's best to put that "thumbs up" away and get your light another way.

This BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp stands 28 1/2" tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that's astronavigation or algebra. It has strings of LED lights inside the head, which shine downwards through a diffuser. A gentle tap on BB-8's head switches between three different lighting modes: cold white, amber, and warm white. And off. Also a good mode when you need to go to sleep.

Product Specifications

  • BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp
  • Officially-licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Comes with stand so it doesn't go off adventuring
  • Three different lighting modes: cold white, amber, and warm white
  • Tap BB-8's head to switch lighting modes (or turn off)
  • Materials: Metal with decals & LEDs
  • Dimensions: 28 1/2" tall x 20" diameter
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Includes lamp and switching power supply (6 ft. white cable)
  • Power supply input: 110-240V ~ 50-60Hz .8A
  • Power supply output: DC 12v 2.5A