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Grand Theft Auto V Revised and Expanded Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames

  • Platform: PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One
  • Publisher: BradyGames
  • Developer: BradyGames
  • Category: Strategy Guides

Product Details:

The best-selling game of all time is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC and we cover it all - plus exclusive GTA Online coverage!

  • Complete coverage of all additions and enhancements to Grand Theft Auto V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
  • Main story walkthrough guides you through every mission, including the planning and execution of all heists. Maximize the strengths of all three characters and use the most effective weapons in each situation to achieve a Gold Medal every time.
  • New, extensive coverage of Grand Theft Auto Online features a full tutorial on getting started, tactics for completing all jobs and activities, advice for ways to earn and spend money, tips on gaining Reputation points and ranking up, and expert advice for developing your own worlds with the game's Creator feature.
  • Mission maps identify key objectives, specify targets, and chart the fastest path to success.
  • We have explored every square mile of land and sea in Los Santos and Blaine County to find every collectible and complete all activities. Our maps detail Aerial Challenges, Stunt Jumps, Spaceship Parts, Submarine Pieces, Hidden Packages, and more!
  • Master all Hobbies and Pastimes. We cover everything from Hunting and Arms Trafficking to Yoga and Parachuting.
  • Our comprehensive Vehicle Showroom is an amazing gallery of all transportation options in the game, including the newest additions. Plus, stats and customization mods.