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Frequently Asked Questions
How does the App work?
The App is used to find out how much your item is worth for trade at your local GameStop. Just simply enter what you would like to trade-in to us, answer a few quick questions, and we will give you an estimate immediately.
What items can I trade-in?
We are currently accepting Apple iPad©, iPhone©, iPod©, and select Android tablets.
What if my item isn’t on that list?
We are always expanding our list, so check back with us.
Do I need to remove the SIM card from my iPhone©, iPad©, or Android© tablet before I trade it in?
We highly recommend that you remove the SIM card from your phone. Your SIM card stores information that uniquely identifies your phone on a cellular network.
Where can I take my item to trade?
You can take your item to any of our stores nationwide to receive cash or store credit for your trade. Click Here to find GameStop stores in your area.
When Does My Offer Expire?
The estimate that you receive is valid that day in any GameStop store location. Our trained associates with identify and diagnose your unit in a similar fashion and make an official offer.
Do You Accept Devices from Outside of the United States?
Unfortunately, we do not currently accept devices from outside of the United States.
Why does the value of my item say “Recycle Only”?
Unfortunately, we are not accepting your item for any credit because of the condition it is in. However, at most locations, you may recycle the item with us; we will make sure it is disposed of safely.
How do I know exactly what item I have?
On most Apple items, model number will be located on the body of the device. If the capacity of the item isn’t listed, it can be found under “Settings”.
On Android tablets, model number and capacity can be found in the “Settings” menu. If you are still unsure, our trained GameStop associates will be happy to help you at one of our stores.
Do I need to restore my iPhone/iPad/iPod before trading it in?
You do not need to restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod before you trade it in. However, we suggest that you back up your information before you do trade it in. Once we receive your item, we will make sure to restore and erase all information on the device.