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Ys Seven Limited Edition by XSEED



  • Blood
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: XSEED
  • Developer: XSEED
  • Category: Role-Playing

Special Edition!

  • Game soundtrack CD featuring more than 20 songs
  • 60-page art book showcasing artwork from Ys SEVEN, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Ys I & II Chronicles
  • 12.5" by 34" Cloth Map highlighting the world of the Ys series

Product Details:

The kingdom of Altago is rebuilding their kingdom around a newfound peace after years of war against the merciless armies of Romn. The classic adventuresome duo, Adol and Dogi, arrive in the harbor of Altago City, and quickly find themselves in a scuffle with the Dragon Knights, the kingdom's military police body, when attempting to save a local girl from harassment by one of their commanding officers. Upset by the interruption and subsequent humiliation, the commander arrests Adol and Dogi, charging them with espionage. The king of Altago, having known of the duo's pending arrival from an old trusted friend, quickly releases the pair from prison and summons them to his chambers. He tells the men about an ancient shrine that was uncovered after a recent earthquake, and asks for their help in investigating this mysterious new find. Adol and Dogi oblige, unaware that they are about to take the first steps on a long journey to save all of Altago from long-forgotten ancient forces, and to reunite the estranged five tribes who serve and protect the Five Great Dragons - deified beings who may well be the world's last hope.

  • Gorgeous New RPG for the PSP Built from the ground up for the PSP, Ys SEVEN takes full advantage of the hardware with beautiful 3D graphics presented in a widescreen format, with minimal load times.
  • Epic Story Spanning Over 30 Hours of Gameplay This tale of Five Great Dragons, a wartorn kingdom, ancient rites and more spans over 30 hours of gameplay as the player ventures on an epic quest to save the world.
  • Real-Time Battles on the Field Map No random encounters as all enemies are seen and engaged on the field map in real-time with the player's three-member battle party.
  • Highly-Rated and Eagerly-Awaited by RPG Fans Already five years since the last installment was published in 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and having already been awarded a Gold Award by Famitsu upon its Japanese release, Ys SEVEN is the long-awaited next chapter in the Ys series and one highly anticipated by old and new fans alike.
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