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WTF: Work Time Fun by D3 Publisher of America




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Crude Humor
  • Mild Language
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Use of Alcohol
  • Violence
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher of America
  • Developer: D3 Publisher of America
  • Category: Puzzle & Cards

Product Details:

Created specifically for the PSP system, WTF is a crazy collection of fun and addictive mini-games that drive the player to perform sometimes trivial, sometimes mind-bending, but always fun jobs in pursuit of the almighty dollar. The latest in a long line of unique Japanese games that have gained popularity in the United States, WTF delivers gamers compelling, bite-sized morsels of frenzied arcade-style action unlike anything ever seen on the PSP system.

* Mini-Games Galore! - Players will test their skills and earn cash with more than 30 whacked-out mini-games.

* Spend Money on Games and Prizes - Players will use the money they earn to unlock more games and collect hundreds of unique prizes.

* Unlock Useful "Real World" Items - Unlock useful "real world" tools for your PSP system like the Bar Calculator, World Clock, Ramen Timer, Flashlight, and more.

* Intuitive Gameplay - Simple and intuitive gameplay make it easy for anyone to pick-up and play.

* Arcade-Style Action - Quick, twitch, arcade style action offers gamers a satisfying gameplay experience in 10 minutes or less.

* Single Player or Multiplayer Gameplay Modes - Play through the game solo, or with your friends in 5 multiplayer mini-games using wireless ad hoc mode.