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SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 2 by Sony Computer Entertainment




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  • Drug Reference
  • Violence
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: Sony
  • Category: Shooter

Product Details:

Command a secret subset of the most elite and deadly fighting force on the planet as players defend America and her allies through broad combat experiences including new non-linear mission progression, over 40 authentic real world weapons and a huge area of operation spanning multiple terrain types and environments.

As the SEAL commander, the player will be supported by an AI teammate executing traditional SOCOM team-based tactical, stealth and action gameplay. Multiple players will once again be able to form clans and take on their friends for team based high-action gameplay in SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 2 via a Wi-Fi* connection. Up to 16 players in close proximity in Ad Hoc mode and online in Infrastructure mode can compete wirelessly through 3 new game types across all new multiplayer maps and original SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo maps.

SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Fireteam Bravo 2 is complete with a variety of new gameplay features including new non-linear mission progression, which allows players to choose which mission to tackle next and also provides players with the ability to go back to previous mission areas when enemy activity resurfaces there. Additionally, a new persistent performance rating system tracks the player's success and failure throughout the campaign. By completing mission goals, discovering bonus objectives, and rescuing civilians, the player will earn "Command Equity" points that can be used to add new weapons to the armory or purchase in-game air strikes and supply drops. They will also increase their "Local Influence" rating, which will give them access to black market weapons and intel from locals.
* Command a secret subset of the most elite and deadly fighting force on the planet.

* Defend America and her allies through broad combat experiences -
including dynamic non-linear missions, 40 deadly and authentic real world weapons, and
multiple terrain types, weather conditions, enemy types, and encounter possibilities.

* Command Equity system provides rewards for how well core aspects of a mission
are completed, while Local Influence rewards those who help local causes and limit civilian
casualties. Use them to gain access to new weapons, equipment, intel, air-strikes and local

* Battle through 10 new multiplayer maps, as well as most of the original Fireteam
Bravo maps, and three new game types (Tug of War, Capture the Flag, Target) playable in
Infrastructure Mode and Ad Hoc modes.

* Enhanced Crosstalk with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Combined Assault,
including a single story arc, and all new action events and unlockables.

* Association with Naval Special Warfare ensures realistic SEAL team tactics,
missions, weapons and character movements.

* Asymmetrical mission structure allows players to play missions in any order they
want. Completed mission areas can open new missions and objectives for the player to