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PQ 2 by D3 Publisher of America




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher of America
  • Developer: D3 Publisher of America
  • Category: Puzzle & Cards

Product Details:

Phenom or Doorknob... Where Do You Rank? It's PQ Test Time! PQ is back and juiced up with more mind bending puzzles and features! PQ2 is built around the same defining feature as PQ1, the PQ scoring system! As you complete the puzzles, your PQ score is calculated based on the number of moves and the speed with which you complete the puzzles! You get a score that means something! Take that score, go online and see you how measure with your friends, your country, your gender, even the WORLD!!

  • Improved controls over PQ1 - now you can move around with faster and sharper movements.
  • Improved flexibility - Jump around and choose which puzzles you want to play first!
  • 12 obstacles and 260 new puzzles including 10 unlockable puzzles!
  • Play as a male or female!
  • NEW - get a prelim PQ score in roughly 10 minutes! Or play through the full puzzle set for your full PQ Score.
  • NEW - Themed puzzles focus on single move wins, traps, reasoning and more!
  • NEW - Create your own puzzles and share with friend using using the PSP® system's infrastructure mode!
  • NEW - Using infrastructure mode, upload your puzzles or download other puzzles!
  • NEW - Check your rank within your country, your region, your gender even your own blood type!
  • Built in tutorials provide plenty of practice, explanations of game modes, obstacles, the edit mode and PQ scores.