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Petz Saddle Club by UbiSoft




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  • Comic Mischief
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: UbiSoft
  • Developer: UbiSoft
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

Lily wakes up with a jolt when her uncle calls her. She felt asleep between two domestic tasks. She never would have imagined that this day would change her life. She was not yet aware of the fact that the rich and treacherous banker Rud Van Guiness was going to seize the family ranch! She was also far from imagining that she would meet Grant, the famous horse whisperer, that she would save the ranch form bankruptcy by winning several riding competitions and that she would meet Liam to fight against the violent methods used by the Van Guiness clan. She did not suspect that she would have to face Carla Van Guiness who is also a fan of the violent horse education approach, using blows of riding crop. Thus, she would develop an amazing relationship with her horses enabling her to overcome many obstacles and to triumph at their sides.

  • Embrace Horsez PSP 2008 experience in your pocket! Horsez 2008 PSP is a faithful port from the ground breaking Horsez 2007 Wii. It retains its delicate artistic direction and dreamlike graphics, while adapting all the controls to the PSP.
  • Raise horses from birth to the time they can compete, developing abilities as the story goes. Train, take care & learn to understand your horses. Learn to your horse how to ride a humain being, thanks to 4 workshops coming from real tamers' methods.
  • Create your own unique foal who will have the skills & characteristics according to the mother & father you choose. Collect numerous objects throughout the game: saddles, bridles, brushes etc..
  • Unprecedented horse's responses when you train & look after him. He will clearly show you how he feels through a whole range of emotions.
  • Discover an open environment where you interact freely with objects & people throughout the adventure
  • Lots of items to collect, helping you improves your horses' stats (Saddle, Halter, bridle etc...)
  • Show and exchange your horses on the net to create your stable of champions, check the level of your friends and get codes to unlock hidden items.
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