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NCAA Football 07 by Electronic Arts




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  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Now you're never out of the game as NCAA Football 07 comes to the PSP® Portable for the first time. Whether playing for the National Championship or taking on your biggest rival, go for broke and turn the tide in your favor as momentum can shift in a single play. Experience the true passion of college football as you build a Dynasty, challenge friends in Multiplayer mode, and relive the greatest games in history. With NCAA Football 07 for the PSP, the college football season never ends.

* Turn the Tide - Shift momentum in a flash with controls that open the way for "the big play," including quarterback sacks, fake punts and field goals, and blocked kicks.

* Dynasty Mode - Build a football powerhouse for up to 10 seasons by recruiting the nation's top athletes, setting depth charts, and dominating the top schools in the land.

* Go Deep with Wi-Fi Multiplayer - Challenge rivals online and use full-scale stat tracking to determine the king of college football once and for all.

* Classic Rivalries - Relive the excitement and alter history with your all-time favorite rivalries, including Oklahoma vs. Texas, Michigan vs. Ohio State, and many more.

* Experience ESPN - Stay up to date with the latest sports news from around the world with the ESPN Sports Ticker and ESPN Radio.

* Mascot Madness - Unleash your school spirit in an all-out, action-packed mascot game as your favorite sideline heroes take the field and put their pride on the line.