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Dynasty Warriors by KOEI




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  • Violence
  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Developer: KOEI
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

For the first time on any handful of game system, players will experience the thrill of fighting single-handedly against legions of powerful enemy soldiers in historic battles that shaped the Chinese empire. Players are equipped with powerful weapons and their strategic wits. They must fight their way through grand battlefields populated with hordes of enemy warriors.

* New battlefield area system creates new strategic gameplay and allows for shorter periods of play ideal for a mobile environment.

* New "Second-in-Command" officer control system gives bodyguards special skills that you control.

* With hundreds of "Second-in-Command" officers to discover, you can collect and select which officers you take into battle.

* Exchange "Second-in-Command" officers using the Memory Stick Duo.

* Play as 42 Dynasty Warriors from all Three Kingdoms and Unaligned forces.

* Includes Musou mode and Free mode

* Uncover seven stories from China's turbulent past

* Mount stampeding elephants and swift horses then ride into battle
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