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Universal V-Mate Memory Card Recorder by SanDisk



  • Platform: Sony PSP
  • Publisher: SanDisk
  • Developer: San Disk
  • Category: Accessories , Memory

Product Details:

The Universal V-Mate Memory Card Recorder records on cards and in video formats specifically defined for playback on: Mobile phones, Sony PSP game systems, SanDisk e200 (through firmware upgrade in Q4) and TV / (notebook) PC. Scheduled recording based on channel, date and start/stop times including daily and weekly repeats. IR emitter to control cable/satellite/VCR/(DVB) tuner box (turn on/off and channel selection during scheduled recordings). Graphical User Interface on TV screen to record, playback and change settings. It has a slim design remote control.

* Remote control with battery

* Audio/Video cables (2x)

* Infrared emitter/cable

* USB cable

* Power supply

* User guide