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Red Eye by Universal Pictures



  • Platform: PSP UMD Movies
  • Publisher: Universal Pictures
  • Developer: VPD
  • Category: Movies & TV

The versatile Rachel McAdams makes her thriller debut in this gripping opus directed by veteran shudder film specialist Wes Craven. She plays Lisa Reisert, the resourceful customer service manager of a large hotel catering to government officials as well as visiting tourists. While flying home to vacation with her dad (Brian Cox), Lisa is essentially kidnapped onboard the plane by a fellow passenger who calls himself Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy, the creepy Scarecrow in Batman Begins). He's working for an unnamed terrorist group that aims to assassinate a Homeland Security bigwig who's about to check into Lisa's hotel, and he orders her to help facilitate the hit or lose her dad to a shooter lurking outside the Reisert home. Trapped in an airplane with an admitted killer sitting next to her, can she possibly foil his plan without risking either her life or her father's?