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Creature Comforts Season 1 by Sony



  • Platform: PSP UMD Movies
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Developer: Sony
  • Category: Movies & TV

This animated British TV series is based on the original Oscar-winning film by Nick Park (CHICKEN RUN, WALLACE AND GROMIT) and features the painstaking plasticine animation for which the director has become famous. Using "man on the street" interviews with people from all walks of life, Park pairs the voices with animals who appear to be talking about their own situations. Charming and hilarious, the genius of this simple idea lies in its execution, as the accents are paired with animals who fit them perfectly. In the first season, creatures hold forth on a wide variety of subjects. Circus animals such as Matilda the Cow, Miss Dynamite the Pig, and Mr. Tickles the Seal, discuss their feelings about performing, while working animals such as lab rats and a multitasking cockroach address their hopes and fears about their careers.