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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground by Activision




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  • Alcohol Reference
  • Language
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Activision
  • Category: Sports

Product Details:

Skating is a form of expression, so why settle for canned characters and run-of-the-mill surroundings that don't reflect your style? Tony Hawk's Proving Ground gives you ultimate control over your in-game persona, your skating skills and your turf. Develop your character into one of three skater classes and turn your surroundings into a custom-made skater's paradise. To be successful, you'll have to master mind-blowing Nail-the-Trick moves and show that you're not all talk. If you're as good as you say you are, you can impress some of the most well-known athletes in the sport, including Ryan Sheckler, Arto Saari and even Tony Hawk himself.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground will have you rolling through spectacular, lifelike environments set in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., complete with real-time weather effects and random world events. Keep defining your character by adding new tricks to your repertoire. As you progress, the story unfolds according to the choices you make, the paths you select and the skater class you pursue. Capture your sickest tricks on video and use the video editor to change, cut and combine clips into professional-looking footage. Create your own personal hangout in the Skate Lounge, where you can invite others to join you in a skate session.
  • Develop your character into a professional Career Athlete, a no-nonsense Hardcore Skater or a do-it-yourself Rigger who turns the world into a giant skate park
  • Record your killer moves, add camera angles and effects, throw in a personal soundtrack and share your footage with others online; your skills can move you up the leaderboard rankings
  • Travel from single-player Story mode to multiplayer mode anytime and take all of your character's skills, attributes and stats online
  • New gameplay mechanics include terrain building and Bowl Carving
  • Master sweet Nail-the-Trick moves, such as Nail-the-Grab and Nail-the-Manual, Aggro Push, Skate Checking and more
  • Try to impress Tony Hawk, Ryan Sheckler, Arto Saari, Jereme Rogers, Daewon Song, Jeff King and other famous skaters
  • Create and personalize your Skate Lounge with stylish furnishings, then invite other players to your pad
  • Use the Rig-a-Kit to construct your own rails, grinds, ramps and jumps