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Dark Souls




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Partial Nudity
  • Violence
Dark Souls is rated 4.4 out of 5 by 123.
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  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

Enter a dark world filled with despair and threaded by hope where your ability to creatively strategize, learn and overcome unpredictable and unique challenges determines your fate. Dark Souls will demand your absolute concentration, unflinchingly punish your mistakes, but reward your ability to learn from death. Each challenge is a mind game met with endless combinations that will test your ability to creatively strategize a way to conquer unimaginable monsters and progress deeper into this bleak and forbidding environment filled with the un-dead.

  • Extremely Deep, Dark & Difficult - Unforgiving in its punishment, yet rewarding for the determined - learn to strategize freely and conquer seemingly impossible challenges. You will organically design your own gameplay style by developing your character and continuously trying different strategies to finally achieve successful progression.
  • Fully Seamless World - Explore a completely integrated world of dark fantasy where dungeons are seamlessly intertwined, with great height.
  • Mastery Earns Progression - Contains 60 hours of gameplay, with nearly 100 uniquely despair-inducing monsters & an incredibly nuanced weaponry & magic spells system, the effectiveness of which is determined by combat situation, fighting style and character attributes. Player success depends on their eventual mastery of how and when to use the magic spells, choice of armor, the number of weapons, the types of weapons, and the moves attached to the weapons.
  • Network Play - Players may cross paths with one another, interacting with each other throughout the game even as each player plays their own game. Networked play allows users to cross paths with one another to enhance the single-player gameplay experience without destroying it.
  • Flexible Character Development & Role Play - As the player progresses, they must carefully choose which of their character's abilities to enhance as this will determine their progression style. Players can choose to play as a sword master and a wizard, for example.
  • Community - See other real players and empathize with their journey, learn from seeing how others died, find and leave messages for your fellow players; helping them or leading them into death.
  • Symbolic of Life & Hope - The Beacon Fire is an important feature of Dark Souls for many reasons. Though in gameplay it serves as a recovery and re-spawn point for players whose health gets low, it is also where players can emotionally share experiences with other players, and is the one place in the dark world where players can find a fleeting moment of warmth and calm.

Important Information:

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Rated 2 out of 5 by from *yawn* boring hack & slash... If being hard is what makes a game good then i guess this game really is as awesome as people say... But seriously, this is a pretty lame hack & slash. If you like spending hours dying and being able to memorize the location of every enemy that you've fought 6 times just to get back to the ridiculously hard boss designed to kill you to teach you a lesson then this is the game for you. Now i will be the first to admit that i have long lamented the lack of consequences for death in today's video games having survived playing games in the 80's & early 90's when dying meant you started at the beginning, this game is just annoying. The story is barely existent and not engaging, it's just hack, slash die repeat. Hours of my life wasted. but if you have lots of time to kill and very little life, this is something to veg out on and then you can proclaim your superiority over all those "scrubs" who can't hack it
Date published: 2016-07-11
Rated 4 out of 5 by from the game is fun to play but you have to be ready to die multiple times when fighting bosses.you have grind to get souls in case you have to fight a boss in the trasversing light.
Date published: 2016-05-03
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I believe Smash Mouth said it best... I can't get enough of you, baby. I can't get enough of you, baby. Seriously, this game is addictive. It's not just for hardcore gamers, but also mega RPG lovers. Sure this game has a reputation for being hard, but all long time RPG players know about grinding and leveling up. You don't take on a giant powerful boss at a weak level. Once you figure that out you'll do just fine. Everything else is amazing from graphics to sound to even the satisfyingly slow but brutal combat. The exploration is also immense! At least give this game a shot for many different locations you can explore. This isn't loot RPG, but the items you do find are rewarding. Be wise with the souls you collect, because not only are they your EXP but also your currency to spend on upgrades and armor. Only buy certain things, because you don't know what you'll be taking from the corpse of your fallen enemies. Is this game worth trying even with Bloodborne out on the market? It's actually worth starting on this one if not Demon's Souls, and it's never too late to get into. You'll still see a great deal of activity on the online gameplay. Good luck to you!
Date published: 2015-04-11
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Boring!!! This has been considered one of the greatest games of all times, and I don't know why...the story and the progression are as slow as molasses in January, but yet somehow you will die quicker then a fruit fly. Perhaps there is something more to this game that I am missing, but I have played it for a few hours and I can't seem to get into it.
Date published: 2015-03-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from If at first you don't succeed, DIE, DIE AGAIN Dark Souls was the first of From Software's creations that I ever played, and I was hooked instantly. Never before had I played a game that was so terrifying, not purely from how dark and sadistic the game was, but also from the fear of dying around the next unknown corner. The game was a marvel to me, and although it took some work to get adjusted to the punishing gameplay, in the end it was all worth it when I finally lit the final bonfire after defeating the final boss. At around 60+ hours my first playthrough, the game felt very fulfilling, and I anxiously hopped into the New Game +, which pits you back into the world of Lordran with all of your previous gear, while also increasing the difficulty of all enemies. Not to mention the unique multiplayer and the overwhelming sense of accomplishment of finally defeating a boss, this game is amazing, and I have to list it as my favorite game on the PS3. Even after playing Demon's Souls (its predecessor) and Dark Souls II, I still find myself coming back to start new adventures in the land of Lordran.
Date published: 2014-07-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Welcome to Dark Souls Alright what can I say about dark souls that you probally have not heard? This game has a amazing story, while it does not throw the story into your face you take it in as you progress through reading item descriptions, Dialogues with NPC's the enemies themselves. This game is truly a masterpiece filled with Helplessness but also great achievement when you overcome it.
Date published: 2014-07-13
Rated 5 out of 5 by from This game is perfect This is, by far, my favorite game of all time. As you probably already know, the game is extremely hard, but that's not all there is to it by any means. The story is excellent, but it's not shoved down your throat through constant cutscenes and monologues like most other games. You have to actually pay close attention to item descriptions and other things like that, and I feel it's much better and more immersive that way. The only downside to this game that I can think of is 1: the FPS issues in Blighttown, one of the areas of the game and B: There are a few lag issues in PvP such as people backstabbing eachother while standing face-to-face. If you enjoy RPGs and are a hardcore gamer, it'd be blasphemous to not own Dark Souls.
Date published: 2014-05-14
Rated 4 out of 5 by from An innovation in gameplay difficulty and reward Too many games these days attempt to be menacing and terrifying while failing to do so. It’s also obvious that, over the many years gaming has existed, games have gotten needlessly easy and “user friendly”. Dark Souls on the other hand, manages to be all things an average gamer IS terrified of, and succeeds without using survival-horror elements, cheap scares and the like. It is the sort of game that will test ones true skill and perseverance. It is a hardcore-gamers best friend, delivering a punishing difficulty while keeping things fair and logical. Dark Souls is actually an action role-playing game; and a stylish one at that. It is the spiritual predecessor to 2009’s Demon Souls, but introduces an even more open world, tougher enemies, and horrific bosses that will make even the most veteran RPG player quake in their boots. When stating that Dark Souls is extremely difficult yet reasonable basically means… death is YOUR fault. This game will shove trial-and-error down your throat, and if you don’t learn from your mistakes, prepare to get your butt kicked. Or “prepare to die” which is the strange sales pitch it uses on the back of the box. Basically if the player isn’t up for a challenging journey where death is inevitable and feeling hopeless against groups of diverse adversaries frustrates them, you might want to look elsewhere. Dark Souls isn’t for everyone, but for those players who think they ARE up for the challenge and feel ready, you’re in for a treat. Dark Souls doesn’t just destroy players, but also rewards the ones that conquer the challenging ordeals that await them. Before we get to the gameplay, there are things to be said about this games outlandish and strange story. A great question to be asked would be “is there honestly a firm tale being told in Dark Souls?” The story is left to be deeply analyzed by the player, meaning that the story isn’t straightforward or easy to understand. This is just one of the many exceptional and unique things about Dark Souls itself. While the player is carefully exploring the vast world of Lordran, they must make up their own story and get a feel for what is going on their selves. Personal experience is a HUGE part of the game, and asking any other player about events they experienced will always be different from your own. All people willing enough to put their mind to the game will have different stories to tell and things to show. The character isn’t left COMPLETELY in the dark when it comes to story, though. There is a vast amount of lore and legend in-game to be found that helps one better understand the terrifying land they are traversing through. In fact, many of the remarkable bosses have their own back stories, as well as the many environments waiting to be explored. While there are a few NPC’s throughout that the player can speak to, they offer little to no direction as to where the character is supposed to go and what they’re supposed to do. “Ring the bells, above and below” is just one of the many riddles the player will encounter on this beautiful and strange journey. Dark Souls doesn’t handle quests and leveling up as any traditional RPG does, and places its own twist on things making it feel like a completely new experience. Even when compared to Demon Souls, Dark Souls feels original and fresh in its own sense. But while it doesn’t handle its narrative and most gameplay aspects like a customary RPG, there is one traditional thing it uses that feels unneeded and almost broken. The game starts off with usual RPG character creation, with dozens of customization options and classes. Though pointless, the player can name their character; change their physic, facial features and more. But, there is a depressing and lingering problem with character creation in Dark Souls. You will feel as if no matter what you do your character will look ugly or have some stupid grin on their face. Trust me; you will probably spend hours before giving up on how the character looks and just jump to the many gifts you can select. Another disappointment is that most of these gifts are pretty useless, but there is one in particular that should be selected by every character. The master key, which is used to maximize exploration and makes the game feel even more open than it is already. It will give you the ability to unlock certain doors that you wouldn’t be able to without defeating certain bosses first and the like. It is the only truly recommended gift and makes all other gifts feel underpowered and ineffective. The other thing you will pick for your character is a class. These classes range from basic thing such as warriors and archers, to unique and sometimes unbalanced pyromancers and thieves. Your starting class mostly affects your starting equipment and a few attributes early on in-game. As you get farther in, the starting class and its specialties you chose don’t matter, giving the player an opportunity for robust character builds. Finding the substantial quantity of different armors, weapons, rings and more provides the opportunity for creating a unique, imaginative class of the players choosing. To build your ideal character, you first need to collect souls. Souls are dropped by the many diverse enemy types in different quantities, mostly depending on how difficult an enemy is to slay. For example, bosses drop thousands of souls on your first playthrough while normal enemies drop more in the range of tens to hundreds. The totals will increase, along with the game difficulty on new game+ (which will be discussed later). Souls are EVERYTHING in Dark Souls. They are used as experience points to level up your character, currency to buy new weapons and armor, or upgrade the weapons and armor you already have. Another form of currency that is rare and extremely valuable in the world of Lordran is humanity. Fighting the many undead and surviving onslaughts of brutal enemies may make you lose your sanity, which is why you gain humanity. Humanity has multiple uses, one of the biggest being the kindling of bonfires which upgrades the total healing potions; or estus flasks you may carry. Estus flasks are your best friend in Lordran and act as the main source of healing for survival. Bonfires can be found throughout the game world and act as hub places and checkpoints that restore your used estus flasks. When you rest at a bonfire it will also replenish total spell casts and other goods. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, this all happens at a cost, for when you rest at a bonfire, all enemies respawn in the game world. So when you feel desperate and tired after clearing out an area of cruel enemies think twice before resting at the nearest bonfire, because you will just have to clear the area again. This adds an excellent and interesting twist in Dark Souls, because every time you see a bonfire, you will have to make a decision whether to rest at it or not. Both saving progress and replenishing items at the cost of enemy respawn are the things you must keep in mind. The problem with NOT resting at a bonfire is risking death and being pushed all the way back to the last bonfire rested at, with all enemies back to haunt you again. Once you have progressed decently into the game, you will have the ability to repair, upgrade and store items at bonfires to give them a true, welcome home feeling, and will also receive a summon stone. This is where the awesome implementation of Dark Souls’ multiplayer comes in, and is probably one of the most stimulating features in game. Since players are originally undead as part of the story, they can use humanity at bonfires to become humans which opens up new doors, literally, in Lordran. While human, you will have the ability to invade other player worlds for PvP, as well as leave a summon sign. PvP in Dark Souls is fair, for gamers can only invade players who are either ten levels more or ten less than themselves. So a level 130 can’t invade a level 40, but he/she can invade a level 120-140. When you invade someone’s world or someone invades yours, whoever is victorious will gain multiple souls and/or humanity. You can only do any of these things while human, so humanity is a key factor to multiplayer gameplay. This is a brilliant implementation that makes the game extremely tense while clearing an area and someone invades you. Dark Souls also features a friendly multiplayer option. You can use summon signs to either bring other gamers into your world, or enter someone else’s for Co-Op. You can help each other with difficult enemies, overwhelming areas, and insane bosses. The gameplay makes more sense and becomes extremely exciting once you figure out every mechanic. Whether the gamer likes it or not, one huge mechanic in Dark Souls is death itself. Dying will help you learn from the many mistakes you will make, and is ironically an essential part to survival. Death also forces the player to become extremely cautious, for when they die, all souls and humanity held will be dropped on the spot where the death occurred. These spots are known as bloodstains, and the player character has one chance to retrieve it all. If he dies, the old bloodstain will disappear and a new one will take its place, at the cost of losing all souls and humanity that was held. You will die over and over again, but there is no feeling quite like beating a boss you have been stuck on for hours and receiving loads of souls and some humanity, as well as items, as a reward. Dark Souls will reward the player sweetly if they get the job done, making for extremely satisfying difficulty and balance in gameplay.
Date published: 2014-05-08
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