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XJacKer PS3 Kit by CompuExpert



Online Only
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: CompuExpert
  • Developer: CompuExpert
  • Category: Accessories , Cables & Adaptors

Product Details:

WUT?! I CAN HAZ A PS3 GAMING HEADSET? YES! In fact, you already haz a headset! All you need is an XJacKer PS3 Kit to unleash your headset's latent PlayStation 3 potential! Yeah, you read that right. XJacKer PS3 Kits turn any standard PC headset into a full-fledged PS3 gaming headset!

Get stereo game sound + PSN chat via the same headset you already own!

Coordinate tactics in BF3, complain about noobs or boosters in MW3, or talk some sh*t in Madden 12. Remember, good communication is critical to multiplayer gaming. And if you're not playing well with others, then you're really just playing with yourself.

So don't waste a grip of cash on a new PlayStation 3 headset . . . get an XJacKer PS3 Kit and save your hard-earned cheddar for what you really want - MORE GAMES!

  • Turns your existing, standard (non-USB), PC/computer headset into a PlayStation 3 gaming headset
  • Get stereo game audio from your PS3, your TV, or your stereo via our exclusive Game Sound Multi-Cable
  • Enables PlayStation Network (PSN) chat using your PC/computer headset's microphone via our exclusive PSN Chat USB Dongle
  • Enjoy up to 10-feet of distance and mobility