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PS3 Turbo Fire EVO Wireless Controller by Datel

  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: Datel
  • Developer: Datel
  • Category: Accessories , Controllers

Product Details:

EVO's unique built in Combat Command LCD Display, gives you the power to enable powerful custom settings - all clearly displayed on EVO's 1.7" LCD display.

Advanced features such as; Multimode Turbo Fire, Sniper Mode, Low Recoil, Mission Specific Button Remapping, Combo Sequences and much more, all selectable directly through the built-in Combat Command LCD interface. Fine-tune settings at any time during gameplay to ensure maximum effect! Outgun your opponents by speeding up or, slowing down the controllers own Turbo Rapid Fire feature

Use Combat Command to adjust sensitivity on the analog sticks and trigger buttons in game. Add effects such as slowing down or speeding up the camera pan, even swap analog sticks around if you're a left handed gamer. Select your preferred gaming button map, giving you greater control of the game. For example you may wish to use the Call of Duty configuration on Battlefield 3. Or, if you prefer choose to aim and shoot from the same button, giving you a more rapid response. The options are endless and you simply use EVO's underside fingertip function buttons to flip between custom profiles giving you loads of combinations of moves and settings. Giving you ultimate control of the game!

Want even more customization? - Connect to the USB port of any online-enabled PC to update and add to EVO's built-in custom profiles. Download a whole host of custom created controller moves and enhancements to further customize your controller like never before. EVO's precision engineered design means it's built to withstand aggressive fast-paced gameplay!

  • Fully Wireless compatible with PS3® - Direct Sync - No cord or dongles required
  • Unique built in 1.7" TFT COMBAT COMMAND LCD display lets you select from a huge range of features directly on the controller!
  • Customizer feature - enabling users to further customize controller settings for specific games
  • 20ft wireless range
  • Seamless control and accuracy
  • Programmable vibration feedback
  • Full analogue input
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Truly ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hands
  • Blue glowing grips showing when Turbo Rapid Fire is enabled
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Built to withstand aggressive fast paced game play!