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Gioteck In2Link USB module system for PS3 by Gioteck



Online Only
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: Gioteck
  • Developer: Gioteck
  • Category: Accessories , Cables & Adaptors

Product Details:

With the release of the PS3 Slim, Sony minimised the I/O facility which inspired Gioteck to offer the gamer an opportunity to customise the I/O functionality of their console! Gioteck reintroduces those vital ports in the form of a module system. These build outwards from the hub' module which attaches seamlessly via two USB ports on the Slim's front face, each module then adds additional functionality. The hub unit offers three fully powered USB ports and an additional wide angle infrared receiver for greater line-of-sight reception. The Retractable Module' offers a retractable mini USB charge cable, again neatly hidden behind a dust excluding door, keeping the components clean, and maintains the sleek exterior. The In2Link modules are beautifully designed to blend perfectly with each other, but more importantly with the PS3 Slim itself.

  • Additional USB Ports: The main hub adds the all important additional USB port, essential when playing Rockband or using the ports for additional peripherals.
  • Retractable charge cable: The retractable module adds the convenience of an inbuilt retractable Play & Charge Cable, extendable up to 20 inches.
  • Wide angle infra-red: The main hub also includes a built-in wide angle Infra-red receiver for use with all infra-red peripherals, and keeping the USB ports free.
  • Extendable Module System: The In2link system is designed to easily add additional modules in the future. They simply plug together via USB from the side.

Gioteck are set to provide you with quality additions and peripherals for your consoles, truly designed by gamers for the gaming community, we aim to destroy the clones and meet the demands of our fellow gamers making our third party peripherals first choice.