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Winback: Covert Operations by GameStop




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  • Animated Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: GameStop
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Play the role of Jean-Luc Couger, a special operative for an independent goverment agency called S.C.A.T. (Strategic Covert Actions Team). A terrorist group called the "Crying Lions" has infiltrated the high-security complex that houses the GULF Strategic Weapons System, a high-tech satellite with laser capabilities. They have already destroyed the Center for Space Research, and their leader has announced that they have no demands - the main agenda is destruction. The GULF system needs from 3 to 4 hours to power up before the next blast, so Jean-Luc and the other operatives have just about 3 hours in which to accomplish the impossible - take back control of the GULF complex, or disable it so that the terrorists may not make use of it.

Several years ago, the country of Saroczia was ripped apart by civil war, the result of ethnic strife and mounting pressures. In order to bring peace to its troubled neighbor, Argent agreed to lend its military support to the government in Saroczia. After a year of long fighting, the government of Saroczia seemed ready to stand on its own. The leaders of the anti-government movement vowed that one day they would achieve ethnic independence, and left Saroczia to spread out over the globe as mercenaries. After several years of stability, and with the military might of Argent behind it, Saroczia has reached new heights of popularity with the people; the independence movement is all but dead - except for the small group led by Kenneth Coleman - who know holds the fate of Argent in his hands.

In the role of Jean-Luc, players navigate through detailed 3D environments. The main character is diplayed from a thrid-person perspective that is perfect to show off Couger's 350 different actions.Next to the usual camera control, players can fire their weapons by pressing A or open doors, pick up items and press buttons. The B-button lets you reload your gun at any time, Z is for crouching, and C-Down locks you in your current position to let you roll or jump. The game covers four main stages, each of which is broken down into smaller areas that players may explore for additional weapons and items.

* 3rd Person Gun Action: Unlike 1st person shooters, WINBACK gives players complete control over the character because it is always on screen. Hide, duck, sneak, and crawl your way through the enemy infested 3D environment.

* Realistic Movement: The player character has 350 different actions that are carefully designed to be realistic as possible.

* Smart Enemies: Each enemy character is controlled by an individual set of duty guidelines that govern behavior. Some enemies will rush onto the scene if they hear gunfire, while others may hang back because they have specific orders to guard a certain area. There are constant patrols roaming the area, as well as crafty enemies who will try to sneak up on you, before you can do it to them.

* Event Scenes: Each time a set of predetermined conditions is met, players are rewarded with an event cut-scene. These scenes will help explain how the player came to find himself in his present fix.

* Weapons: Blast enemies with a variety of weapons and explosive devices.