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Wild Arms 3 by Sony




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Sony
  • Developer: Sony
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

Wild Arms 3 delivers everything RPG gamers expect: an in-depth storyline, puzzling dungeons and a unique battle system. Journey along with Virgina, Clive and Gallows and discover the mystery behind the Prophets to revive the memories of Filgaia. Explore dungeons to unlock secret pathways and find mythical treasures. Gun blazing shoot-outs deliver intense cinematic battles. Wild Arms 3 embodies tried-and-true elements of a classic role-playing game.

* Cell shading technology delivers vibrant and energetic visuals.

* Artistic anime sequences tie into gameplay visuals and enhance an epic storyline.

* Prologues for each character deliver depth and development.

* "Expressive-communication" allows a player to read character moods and emotions.

* Interactive field environments require the solving of intricate puzzles found around every corner.

* Utilize the special abilities of each character to explore mysterious dungeons, find hidden items and unlock secret areas.

* Turn-based encounters take on a whole new visual appeal with real-time character movements.

* Gunslingers use an array of weapons including six-shooters, a shotgun, a revoler and a high powered rifle.

* Customize weapon strength, accuracy, bullet capacity, critical hit ratio and overalll weight.

* Summon mystical Guardians to unleash overwhelming attacks.

* Engage in shootouts whether on foot, horeseback or riding on a mechanized vehicle.