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Warriors of Might & Magic by 3DO




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  • Animated Blood
  • Animated Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: 3DO
  • Developer: 3DO
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

The ultimate battle of good vs. evil for the PlayStation.2 console has arrived, with 30 all-new classes of battle-savvy enemies, an array of highly intense spells, and an arsenal of skull-crushing, dismembering weapons. Be the world 's savior or deliver it into damnation. Are you ready for the challenge?

Alleron, disgraced Captain of the Guard, stands accused of Necromancy, witchcraft in its darkest form.

"How do you plead?" rasps the Grand Inquisitor.

Alleron does not react.

"Guilty!" the crowd shouts in unison.

"Throw him into the Pit!" a woman screams.

The Grand Inquisitor motions to one of his hooded mercenaries. The man walks to the center of the square holding a gruesome mask of most cruel design.

Alleron is suspended painfully, his arms outstretched, ropes around his wrists tied to widely separated posts. The mask is handed to the Grand Inquisitor, who raises it up for the crowd to see.
The Mask of the Accused! he thunders. The crowd roars in approval.

The Grand Inquisitor turns to face Alleron. Placing the mask upon the prisoners head, he speaks an incantation. There is a sudden swirl of mist and light as the mask locks into place on Allerons head.

The crowd roars again.

Let the journey to your salvation begin! declares the Grand Inquisitor.

Suspended above the sealed aperture of the Pit of the Accused, Alleron watches wordlessly as a guard struggles to turn the giant wheel that activates the opening mechanism.

May the Mask of the Accused protect your soul from the evil that consumes you! intones the Grand Inquisitor.

The aperture opens slowly, revealing the gaping Pit. It hisses and spews liquids and foul debris.

There is silence. A woman, Daria, watches unseen from a vantage point above. Her expression, oddly, is one of relief.

In an instant, the ropes holding Allerons wrists are released. He drops into the Pit, his hoarse shout reverberating upward, and vanishes.

* 9 new worlds with 20+ levels of in-depth story and character development.

* 30 all-new character classes of monsters and enemies.

* Dozens of weapons, armor and spells for maximum action.

* Detailed bosses and enemy characters featuring additional fighting choreographies and special moves.

* A wide variety of new NPC's unique to the Might and Magic universe, creating both a more realistic and dynamic game environment.

* Enhanced scripting system for seamless in-game cinematics.