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Victorious Boxers by Vivendi Games





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  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Vivendi Games
  • Developer: Vivendi Games
  • Category: Sports , Boxing

Product Details:

Strap up your hands, put on your gloves and get ready to go toe-to-toe with some of the most accomplished pugilists you're ever likely to meet. Victorious Boxers combines instant playability and a degree of depth and realism not seen in any other PS2 boxing title to date.

Ippo Makunouchi is a high school student, very hard working who likes to keep himself to himself. Because of his kind nature Ippo used to get bullied at school until one day he met Mamoru Takamura, a Professional Boxer who encourages Ippo to be strong and fight back.

Ippo decides that enough is enough and takes Mamoru's advice and trains hard in an effort to be strong and confident. Mamoru discovers Ippo has a natural talent for Boxing. He soon passes the Pro-Test and now has his sights set at being a Champion Featherweight Boxer.

Victorious Boxers uses a state-of-the art graphics engine to get you as close to the ring as you'll ever want to get. Progress through the amateur and Pro ranks with the help of your personal trainer. Listen to him, study your opponents fighting tactics and strategies and head into the ring to see if you can out swing and out think him.

* 44 different characters from 4 different weight divisions gives maximum replay value and player depth.

* Unique clear interface that allows you to see the game, not the rules!

* 10 different venues to choose from, ranging in diversity from a run-down gym to a spectacular outdoor auditorium complete with animated crowd!

* Intuitive analogue control method allows your boxer to duck, bob, weave and circle the opponent with ease.

* Multiple attack and defence moves, with unique attacks for each fighter.
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