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Unlimited SaGa by Square Enix




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  • Mild Violence
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

UNLIMITED:SaGa, the first in the legendary series for the PS2, pushes the genre with eclectic art styles and a sophisticated gameplay structure. Director and producer, Akitoshi Kawazu has found uncharacteristic ways to apply the new technologies, creating a game that is not only revolutionary but also unique in presentation. While UNLIMITED:SaGa has utilized advanced tools for gameplay, it has opted for traditional techniques in its visual representation.

All of the graphics are hand-drawn and hand-painted, rare in a time when computer-generated images are the norm. In addition, a completely new method of computer-generated graphics named "Sketch Motion" has been created to bring forth detailed 2D animation, going beyond the limitations of 3D polygons.

The SaGa series known best for its ever-evolving battle system has returned with the introduction of the "REEL" system, adding new variations to familiar combos and skill development. The latest in audio technology has also been implemented to enhance sound composition. Pioneering ground-breaking features into UNLIMITED:SaGa, Akitoshi Kawazu's vision has resulted in another milestone title for SQUARE.

The story is uniquely told through the eyes of seven different protagonists, each with their own motivations for seeking the seven grand menaces. The powers of the Seven Wonders of Lore have been released and a deity has emerged, heralding the advent of a new Golden Age. A group of adventurers led only by their belief in the legend journey out to solve the deity's riddle. Their fates cross in a town during the hustle and bustle of a festival.

* The refined rapidly unfolding "Free Scenario System" creates the most open-ended adventure possible. Non-linear options allow the world and its characters to constantly evolve. This streamlined game system allows the player to focus on the core of the RPG experience: Discovery and Growth.

* Innovative "map movement system" pushes the frontiers of the genre, added by adventures that never unfold the same way.

* The newly developed "Reel" battle system relies on a slot machine-like interface in which players stop several spinning reels that result in different actions. The "Reel" will appear after the player has assigned "Hold" or "Go" to each attack. Although it may seem like positive results are based on luck, players must use their turns wisely. The "Reel" battle system requires not only intellect but agility as well.

* The "Sketch Motion" system conveys detailed graphics in ways never before seen. UNLIMITED:SaGa is neither a 2D or 3D game, it is a completely new technique of animation based on technology developed with Adobe Systems

* Tomomi Kobayashi returns to illustrate the world of UNLIMITED:SaGa in her own distinct style, with breathtaking hand-drawn artwork.

* Yusuke Naora of the FINAL FANTASY series joins the team as Graphics Producer and Character Designer, lending his vast experience to the cutting edge graphics in UNLIMITED:SaGa.