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The Sopranos by THQ




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  • Blood
  • Intense Violence
  • Nudity
  • Strong Language
  • Strong Sexual Content
  • Use of Drugs
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: 7 Studios
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

A mob war is brewing after the murder of the Philadelphia boss' nephew. The Sopranos crew has been named as the culprit, and Philadelphia's and New Jersey's most powerful families are about to collide. As the illegitimate son of "Big P," you have been born into the organization and now have the opportunity to demonstrate your loyalty to Tony Soprano. Starting as a soldier you must make money on collections, protect your turf through intimidation, and gain admiration within your own family to move up in the ranks of the organization. With the ability to affect the story in real time, depending upon your approach, you can carry out orders from Paulie, Silvio, Christopher and Tony, and earn your stripes by breaking down enemies through intense verbal interactions. But if you can't get through verbally, send a message by utilizing punishing specialty combat moves, where you can break arms or use random objects as weapons to shattering effect. Your chosen path down a dangerous life of crime will challenge your physical ability, mental judgement, and determination to prove your loyalty. Your father's past leaves no room for error under the watchful eye of Tony Soprano and his most precious belief that "family comes first".

* Punishing specialty combat moves - A deep visceral melee combat system with a variety of brutal attack variations (Arm break, etc.)

* Improvised Weapons - The mob is known for using "any means necessary" and each environment allows ordinary objects to become weapons for your advantage

* Location-specific intimidation - Enforce with a sadistic streak to devastating effect to get your point across with the help of a meat slicer, filing cabinet drawer and other devices and aids

* Performance and cosmetic damage - Inflict damage on your opponent's body, leaving him with impaired or broken limbs, deep swelling cuts/bruises and more

* Dynamic verbal intimidation - Break down opponents by either being hard or playing it cool, as you are able to impact the story in real-time by changing your line of attack

* Interact with the show's top talent - Earn your stripes working for Tony Soprano's crew, reporting to your captain, Paulie Walnuts, as well as Silvio, Christopher and Vitoon your way to becoming a "made" man

* Becoming "MADE" - Use your smarts to earn money, intimidate to create fear, and achieve success to gain admiration and family respect

* Compelling story - Storyline collaborated with show creator David Chase and voiced by the show's key cast members

* Play in The Sopranos world - Carry out orders in familiar locations such as the Bada Bing!, Nuovo Vesuvio's, Satriale's, and even the newest Season 6 locations

* Music - A collection of today's hottest artists, along with upand coming acts and a blend of the past, add to the atmosphere of the game