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Sky Gunner by Atlus




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  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Developer: Atlus U.S.A
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

SkyGunner follows the story of 3 ace pilots, Ciel, Copain and Femme, who are hired to protect the "Eternal Engine" an engine capable of perpetual motion without the need for an outside power source. Little do they know, that the criminal genius, Ventre is planning to use the town's celebration aboard the luxury airship Merveilleux, as an opportunity to steal the Eternal Engine for his own evil ends...

SkyGunner features over 25 exciting missions that you can take on with Ciel, Copain or Femme. While all of the machines can carry an assortment of Cross Missiles and Pumpkin bombs, their own personalized machines are capable of special maneuvers unique only to them.

Ciel, has the awesome ability to hover in mid-air to concentrate on an enemy weak spots, while Copain can use his Vortex Maneuver to deflect enemy fire and cause damage around him. However, you're going to have to master them all in order to unlock all the modes in the game!

* Powerful game engine allows for expansive environments, an insane amount of particle effects and on-screen action.

* Choose between three SkyGunners: Ciel, Copain and Femme to take on a multitude of spectacular missions.

* The SkyGunners take their own specialized flying machines into battle! Use Copain's Vortex Maneuver to deflect enemy fire or Femme's Active Turn to get back into the heat of battle.

* Do you have what it takes to be an ace SkyGunner? Take advantage of the intricate scoring system to unlock hidden secrets and modes.

* Use a multitude of special weapons such as the Cross Missile and Pumpkin Bomb to defeat the flying forces of Ventre.

* DVD format allows you to choose between the original Japanese and the new English voice-overs that are interwoven throughout the action.