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Romance of the Three Kingdoms X by KOEI




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  • Mild Language
  • Mild Violence
  • Use of Alcohol
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Developer: KOEI
  • Category: Strategy

Product Details:

This is a single player game. The packaging mistakenly noted it offered multiplayer (1-8) play capability. Tenth installment in the classic strategy simulation game series from Koei. San Goku Shi X, as it is called in Japan, is a port of the PC version of the same name (released in 2004). The PlayStation 2 version adds new scenarios and an Item Collection feature that were not found in the PC original. It also includes limited networking features which allow players to trade generals and upload ranking data.

* Play as any officer! Includes 650 playable characters. Also create up to 110 new officers.

* Social class, wide-ranging personalities, and events affect the personal life of your character. Choose from five ranks: Sovereign, Viceroy, Prefect, Vassal, or Free Officer.

* Become a diplomat and experience the significant political victories of the time. Debate with other officers and officials and master the politics of war.

* Acquire over 40 skills plus an array of new commands. Start a rogue army, fulfill civilian requests, swear an oath of brotherhood, foretell of disaster, and much more.

* The constant threat of enemy campaigns adds a new level of tension! Regional conflicts escalate into large-scale wars as the fighting spreads. Build a massive army and launch full-scale campaigns against your enemies.

* Over 200 dramatic events viewed and interpreted differently by each character. Overcome trials of bravery and intelligence to create your own stories.

* Score composed and conducted by Yoshihiro Ike.

* As players progress through history, their game world grows and develops based on achievements, skills, and strategies.

* Detailed tutorials, a help function and convenient command explanations allow for trouble-free play.