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Pirates: The Legend of the Black Kat by Electronic Arts




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  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Swashbuckling, sailing, looting -- being a pirate is in Katarina de Leon's blood. She's about to find out just how much as she embarks on an adventure that will take her across five mysterious lands and pit her against hordes of foes on both land and sea. This saucy pirate is one of the most beautiful women to ever swash a buckle, and yet Katarina is much more than a pretty face. She's tough and independent, with seawater swishing in her veins and a penchant for cutting loose on the high seas.

Perhaps the only thing that obsesses her more than the sea is the mysterious death of her mother, Mara, who died when Katarina was but a little girl. Raised by her father Marcus, who worries about the young Kat's wanderlust, Katarina doesn't yet know she's inherited her sailing spirit from her mother, the founder of the Pirates of Skull Cove, a legendary band of rowdy but righteous scoundrels who brought their own brand of fun to the seven seas.

As Katarina embarks on a voyage to avenge the death of her father at the hands of Captain Hawke, she'll also embark on a voyage of discovery -- learning her past as well as her destiny.

Years ago, too many to count, explorers colonized the island domains of the Five Seas. The islands these seas contained were harsh and dangerous and only the most hardy of colonist survived. However, the riches available never failed to lure the bold, the adventurous, and the greedy. Each of the Five Seas contained collections of islands that were classified as "Worlds" because of their unique environments. Because of the often fatal dangers of crossing from one world to another, mystical Chartstones were created that would not only guide a ship on the safest course from one point to the next, but would also give the ship and its crew a measure of protection in the harsh environments. What follows are short descriptions of each of the worlds.

The Pirate Isles:
These isles are named for the many pirate groups who made their home in the hidden coves and bays of this world. In the Five Seas, it is by far the most hospitable place, a tropical paradise. However, looks can be deceiving for the unwary. While Governor Marcus DeLeon did his best to clean out the cutthroats who inhabit the isles, large bands still raid the towns from time to time, not to mention the rather oversized and overly aggressive wildlife.

The Haunted Isles:
Many people inhabit the Five Seas, and all of them will one day come to an end; sometimes peaceful,sometimes not. The colonies agreed that these isles would become the burial grounds for all of the island worlds. Hundreds of graves dot the shorelines as well as the larger tombs of its more famous residents. The islands are blanketed in perpetual night and an aura of doom. Not all of the dead rest easily, and travelers should be ready to deal with all manner of restless spirits.

The Voodoo Isles:
This world is dark, gloomy and thick with the mystical power of the natives who lived here long before the colonists ever set foot in the Five Seas. The natives can still be found from time to time, and many an old salt has told tales of narrow escapes from the clutches of angry fiends. While most of the tales are told to keep the rum flowing freely at the local tavern, not all of those stories should be dismissed. Many a sailor has gone missing here only to have his crew find a shrunken head bearing an uncanny resemblance to the lost soul.

The Volcanic Isles:
Almost every chunk ofland large enough to call an island in this world sports an active volcano. The very sea itself churns with the magma, as if a giant wound had been torn in the earth itself. While the Chartstones to this foul place protect the ship and crew from most of the effects of the dreadful heat, there are many more hazards left to make life difficult. Rumors persist of the very land itself rising to crush the weary traveler, but such rumors have not yet been verified.

The Winter Isles:
The northernmost isles of the Five Seas are covered in an eternal blanket of frost and snow. Every captain should watch for the treacherous icebergs in the waters, and worse still are the creatures that walk the snowy cliffs of the isles. Slippery paths and the icy depths of the surrounding waters make this one of the most inhospitable places in the Five Seas.

Skull Cove:
Skull Cove is the legendary place where Mara Rousseau, captain of the Pirates of Skull Cove, supposedly buried her treasure.Only Mara knew the location of Skull Cove, and it was a secret she took with her to the grave.
* Know Your Enemy: Ships come in different sizes, strengths and cannon positions. Make sure you know where you should be to avoid damage, if you can outrun the enemy, and how some of the many enemy ship captains think.

* Crossing the T: Sea combat is not just a question of firing your cannon until the other ship sinks. It demands a certain amount of strategy. Most ships can only fire from their port or starboard (left and right sides). Therefore, the best place for you to be is in front of or behind that ship. This is called crossing the T. Position yourself such that the enemy ship is pointing its front or rear to your side, and then open up with a broadside. You can bring all your guns to bear on the enemy and he can't fire back. Be careful though, some of the more powerful ships have front and rear-mounted cannons.

* Use your Special Powers: You have many tricks at your disposal - don't forget about them. Is your opponent too fast? Fire off some chain shot and shred his sails. Does he outgun you? Fire off a stink pot and watch his shots hit anywhere but your ship. Is there a massive barrage of cannon fire coming your way? Hit your Wind Boost and dodge out of the way. Need to do more damage? Use a mystical figurehead. All of these things can change an impossible battle into something much more manageable.

* Keep your Ship in Shape: The careless captain spends all his loot on ammo. A wise captain buys the ammo he needs, but also buys canvas for repairing sails and wood for patching fresh cannonball holes. Spending a few extra pieces of eight on repair items could keep you afloat and help you win the battle. After all, all those cannonballs you bought won't help you if you're on the bottom of the ocean.