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Phantasy Star Universe by Sega




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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Mild Language
  • Mild Suggestive Themes
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega of America
  • Category: Role-Playing , Massively Multiplayer

Product Details:

Phantasy Star Universe will offer users two completely different experiences for use in both online and offline play. Developed by Sonic Team and supervised by Sonic the Hedgehog and Phantasy Star Online creator Yuji Naka, PSU will boast more than 40 hours of single-player exploration -- with a character-intensive storyline and plenty of cutscenes. Specific plot details are pretty thin at this point, but we do know that the game follows a 17 year-old military cadet named Ethan Waber, a man that's determined to rescue his kidnapped sister from a mysterious life force known as THE SEED.

* In the online portion of the game, players will be able to create a completely separate character from scratch and choose their appearance from a healthy selection of unusual alien races.

* Hundreds of human-controlled characters will populate the screen at once, and three entirely different planets from the Grarl solar system can be explored.

* 15 gigantic bosses

* A massive overworld with more than 20 different dungeons, and a squad-based team-up option for users who don't want to go adventuring alone.

* Player-controlled vehicles that eliminate the need to travel by foot and a plan to include additional downloadable content for several years.