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Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing by Atari Games




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  • Blood
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Atari Games
  • Developer: Atari
  • Category: Sports , Boxing

Product Details:

Get in the ring with mighty Mike Tyson and 16 other heavyweights, in the most aggressively realistic boxing game ever. Mike Tyson, the former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, is returning to game screens in the hard-hitting Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing. Go face to face with Tyson in 3rd or frightening 1st-person views in the ultra-realistic sports title.

Probably one of the oldest sports in the history of civilization, boxing has always made use of the most contemporary medium of the day.

700 years BC, in the city-state of Elis, the populace gathered at the sands of combat to view the combatants. Hundreds of years later, boxing still drew people together, but this time at the Coliseum in Rome where it had become the contest of choice for many a spectator.

Thousands of years forward in time again and boxing people were flocked to underground cellar-bar fights. Before long its popularity was again acknowledged, the sport became legitimized, rules were applied and boxing's followers numbered more than ever.

More recently of course, millions switch on live television to gape in awe at the two modern-day gladiators as they put each other to the test, in massive world-famous venues.
And right now, the ancient art of boxing, the sport of kings, comes to the very latest media, ducking through the ropes directly into the homes of boxing fans across the United States and the world.

* Exhibition Mode: Enter a bout for purse money against a boxer of your choosing. Fight as a custom boxer or hit the ring as one of the available World greats.

* Speed Boxing: Beat your record in a single round facing any opponent. You'll see a row of icons at the top of the screen representing the Custom Boxer Upgrades that will become available by beating your current opponent; as the timer counts up from zero, the Upgrade icons disappear. Knock your enemy down as quickly as you can to unlock as many Upgrades as possible (make sure you don't get knocked down yourself), then take on another adversary to try for another set of Upgrades.

* Belt Mode: Starting with the Bronze Belt, launch your boxer onto the World Circuit and build a global reputation. As you win belts, your boxer is upgraded and you'll become eligible to fight at higher levels of competition against tougher opponents in both Belt and Exhibition Mode. When you defeat an opponent, he is unlocked and becomes available to play in all other game modes.

* Two Player: Pick your boxers from the available unlocked and custom boxers (these can be changed between fights), select your fight parameters and location, then go postal on each other. The winner is decided by the number of fights won in total.

* Tyson Challenge: You fight as Tyson and have to KO 15 seperate opponents in 1 round each.

* Undisputed Champ: Only available to top level Custom Boxers, this is the ultimate survival mode to be found in any boxing game.

* Exhibition Fights: Win these with Custom boxers to unlock Signature Combos.

* Sparring: Tyson takes Custom Boxers through the paces in the relative comfort of the gym.