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Metal Saga by Atlus




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  • Alcohol Reference
  • Crude Humor
  • Fantasy Violence
  • Language
  • Simulated Gambling
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Tobacco Reference
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Developer: Success
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

In the not so distant future... Desperate to find a way to save the earth from pollution, mankind created a gigantic supercomputer and named it Noah. Noah's solution, however, was to exterminate its creators. In a matter of days, civilization fell to terrifying weapons and monsters created by Noah. This cataclysmic event came to be known as the Great Destruction.As the years passed, the number of human survivors grew, slowly but steadily. They formed villages and towns, living off of technology that they were able to salvage from the piles of wreckage.

* A full-scale RPG that offers unprecedented freedom: Travel across a war-torn world with over 800 events and quests, providing 40+ hours of gameplay!

* Each battle is an arms race you don't want to lose: Use your personal arsenal, unleash the dogs of war, or hop in a tank!

* Take control of a wide variety of customizable vehicles: Customize the look of your vehicles by adding new weapons, engines and armor!

* Collect and create your own items: Create powerful weapons and vehicle parts from the materials you gather throughout the game!

* Test your luck and skill in 12 mini-games: Earn valuable money and items!