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Juiced by THQ




PowerUp Rewards Pro Price
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Online Only
  • Lyrics
  • Mild Language
  • Simulated Gambling
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: THQ
  • Category: Sports , Racing

Product Details:

ur car, build your crew, and put it all on the line. Starting as a scrub, with not even a set of wheels to your name, your aim is to build up your own team or "crew" of expert drivers and dominate the established street racing scene of Angel City. By showing off your modding and driving skills, you'll gain "Respect" from the rival crew chiefs, and will soon be invited to their race events. Challenge them to race "for pinks" - which puts your ride on the ante - or bet against them for cash. As your notoriety grows, new drivers will ask to join your crew, opening up the never before seen crew races' where your skills at managing your drivers while you race are key to beating your rival crews.

* Over 7.5 Trillion Car Customization Possibilities - Collect and customize over 50 real cars with authentic mods from more than 30 aftermarket brands

* Intuitive and Rewarding Car Handling - Feel the difference your mods make to your FWD, RWD and 4WD cars

* Highly Realistic Damage Effects - A first for a game featuring real cars

* Team Racing - Recruit and manage your own crew and control their behavior while you race. Take your crew online and race opponents and their crews

* Create and Host Your Own Events - Choose location, type of race, entry fee and prize money in more than 99 tracks

* Gamble your car in a "pink-slip" race

* Gain or Lose "Respect" - Through your driving, modding and gambling abilities

* Full Online Feature Set - 6 player races, multiple-modes & world leader boards. Take your crew on-line, race for "pinks" and show-off your car collection
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