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Heroes of Might and Magic by 3DO




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  • Animated Blood
  • Animated Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: 3DO
  • Developer: 3DO
  • Category: Strategy

Product Details:

"Find the ancient DragonBone Staff." These were the last words uttered by King Argus the Third before an assassination attempt by the evil Wyrm - Dragon Malazak sent him spiraling into a coma. Only by finding and assembling the pieces of an ancient shattered map and capturing a host of Malazak's associates can you hope to find the DragonBone Staff, cure King Argus and defeat the wicked Malazak.

Darkness reigns. Sinister creatures stalk the innocent. King Argus III lies helpless and unconscious, dying from the assassination attempt that has left him poisoned and weak. Malazak, the revenge-driven son of the Wyrm-Father, awaits King Argus's death so he can divide the kingdom between himself, a demon, and a dark Minotaur. Only one possesses the power to set things right. You must find the DragonBone Staff. The fate of the kingdom rests in your hands.
* Choose between The Barbarian, The Sorceress, The Paladin and The Knight to wage war against villains and monsters.

* Intuitive interface and controls means simple console gameplay.

* Command armies using up to five of the game's 25 creatures.

* Seventeen never-before-seen villains.

* Navigate through plains, forests, castles, dungeons, hills and towers.

* Beautifully enhanced graphics and camera motions.

* Random gameplay - events unfold differently every time you play