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Get On Da Mic - Game Only by GameStop




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  • Drug Reference
  • Strong Lyrics
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: GameStop
  • Developer: Eidos Interactive
  • Category: Simulation

Product Details:

The industry's first hip hop music game. Between 40 of the most popular urban music tracks, today's hottest gear, and multiple playable rappers all trying to get to the top, Get On Da Mic captures the thrill of living the life of rap superstar!

* 40 Highly recognizable hip hop songs - No need to learn the words to obscure songs or remember a classic from 1977, GOTM forty of today and tomorrow's hottest rap tracks.

* Multiple Difficulty Levels - Accessible gameplay allows rappers of all skill levels to get a taste of the big time.

* 8 Customizable Characters featuring real-world gear - Make sure your character looks as good as they should by buying the same real-world gear seen on rap's megastars!

* Bling Acquisition - It wouldn't be hip hop without the stuff that comes with it. Outfit your crib with the bling you bring!

* 8 Levels - Highly unique levels immerse the player in all aspects of a hip hop superstars career.

* Multiplayer Freestyle Mode - Got your own poetry to share with the world? Showcase your innate talents to your friends to see if you're hip-hops next big thing!

* Interactive Crowds and Environments - Crowds cheer you on when you're nailing it, and walk away when you don't have it.

* Party Mode ­- Just want to do the Karaoke thing, hip-hop style? Party Mode let's you flow all of the game's tracks when all you wanna do perform.