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FIFA Soccer 08 by Electronic Arts




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  • No Descriptors
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Category: Sports , Soccer
  • Players:1-8

Product Details:

FIFA Soccer 08 enables hardcore and casual soccer gamers and fans to play like a real soccer player through competitive and social game modes, new gameplay controls, and enhanced authentic presentation. Get closer to the action than ever before. With new attacking and defending manual controls, competitive game modes, and greater depths of authenticity, live out your dreams with FIFA Soccer 08.

  • Manual Controls - Dictate the play with new manual controls for through-passing and crossing. Control the goalkeeper in one-on-one situations to deny the striker yourself. Choose the specific player you want to control with right analog stick player switching.
  • Enhanced AI - New defensive and positional AI means that players ensure they're in the right place at the right time. New player and team traits differentiate the stars and clubs.
  • Be a Pro: Co-op Season - Take on the role of a single player. Master positioning and find the space to unlock the opposition. Different individual and team tasks challenge you through a full season. Co-operate with or compete against your friends and track your performance through detailed statistics.
  • Online Clubs - Form your own group of like-minded soccer fans to take on all challengers online. Gain status among the online community by helping your Club climb the rankings. Win points based on the importance of the match when playing Interactive Leagues or challenging other Clubs to a grudge-match tournament.
  • Custom Formations - Design your own unique strategy to create the perfect formation and tactics. Assign roles and move players to the exact position in relation to teammates to undermine the opposition. Set attacking and defensive runs for members of your team. Every club has a unique formation.
  • Manager Mode Improvements - New features include pre-season Friendlies to test your team before a campaign, new training options to hone your squad of players, and dynamic board expectations that change depending on your successes... or failures.
  • Complete Authenticity - 30 leagues, 40 real stadiums, and thousands of players all accurately recreated.
  • Specifications:

    Game Information

    Broadband Only
    Number of Online Players
    4 Online
    Number of Players
    Offline Modes
    Competitive, Cooperative
    Online Modes
    Competitive, Cooperative, Team Oriented