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Everblue II by Capcom




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  • Animated Blood
  • Mild Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

Travel around the Caribbean exploring captivating underwater worlds in Everblue 2, Capcom's the first diving adventure game for the PlayStation 2. In this undersea adventure, players assume the role of a top-notch diver in search of the treasure that has haunted his family for generations.

Set sail to explore three different environments to unearth a cache of objects for bartering information and acquiring advanced scuba gear to help navigate the ocean's floor. Everblue 2 utilizes the PlayStation 2 capabilities to produce uncompromising detail showcasing the ocean's depth, beautiful coral reefs, and engaging tropical sea life. Explore and discover the mysteries the deep blue holds and uncover the magic that encompasses the region.

In Everblue 2, a year has passed since Leonardo, a top-notch undersea diver, saved the island of Daidalos from disaster. Now follow Leo and his friend, Zuccho as they set off on a world journey to uncover the secret mysteries the emerald blue water holds and ultimately find the treasure that has haunted his family for generations.
* The Sea: Navigate and forage themain stage of the game to salvage numerous hidden treasures to exchange for various paraphernalia to help with future dives. However, beware of dangerous aquatic life, including the Lion Fish, great white shark, and eels, for they can cause damage and decrease Leo's health.

* Town: Barter anything found during your excursions at a nearby town for better equipment. Interacting with the townspeople may prove useful to acquire hints about the location of items or provide specific missions to complete.

* Sunken Ships and Caves: Swim inside the interior of these forgotten vessels and caves and discover more objects to vend for upgrading your diving gear.

* Drift Race: Be the first to win a one-lap race around an obstacle course.

* Salvage Race: Race to discover specific items from the sea within a time limit. Any object in your possession is yours to keep.

* Assemble a photo album: Photograph the environment during your underwater quest. Develop, choose, and edit up to 20 pictures to include in your album. If the town's resident photographer deems your snapshots good enough, you will receive special bonuses.

* Start an aquarium: If players take a photo of sea life listed on a Marine Life Chart, they can be placed in an aquarium for viewing at anytime.