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Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires by KOEI




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  • Mild Language
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

DYNASTY WARRIORS 4: EMPIRES introduces a new stage and strategy system to the series frenetic battlefield action. In the new system, players begin the game with a map of Ancient China, divided into 24 different regions. Players start with one region, and then choose another region to invade. Next, officers will recommend a battle strategy, and then combat begins. Victory goes to the first warrior who unifies all 24 regions under a single kingdom.

Along with the three most influential kingdoms, DYNASTY WARRIORS 4: EMPIRES includes smaller kingdoms not seen in any previous Dynasty Warriors game. There are also new playable warriors and more officer abilities- from powerful new Charge attacks to taunting "Challenges."

Redesigned based on fan requests, the new Character Edit mode triples the number of character models and voices players can use to create their own warrior, plus player-created warriors can use any weapon in the game.

The game's new VS Mode combines the furious multiplayer action of Dynasty Warriors 4's VS and Challenge Modes into one. In VS Mode, players can now send attacking soldiers to the opposing player's screen by defeating enemies with a Musou attack.
* New battlegrounds including mountainous regions, a seaside village, and a sweltering desert.

* New battlefield strongholds change gameplay strategies by influencing troop morale and strength.

* New Edit Character models from muscular heroes to lovely maidens.

* Improved enemy artificial intelligence reacts to weaknesses in player's defenses.

* New player-created kingdoms can battle against the Three Kingdoms for control of China.

* Completely non-linear gameplay.

* Captured enemy generals can now join a player's army.

* A bonus "Archives" filled with character and siege weapon models, character-narrated introductions, and a gallery of stunning Dynasty Warriors artwork!