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Drakengard by Square Enix




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  • Blood and Gore
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • Developer: Cavia
  • Category: Role-Playing

Product Details:

Cast in a chaotic world of dragon pacts and warfare, Drakengard combines unique action RPG elements into a profoundly tragic saga. Developed by team members from blockbuster titles as Resident Evil Code: Veronica, the Bust-a-Groove series and Ace Combat, Drakengard seeks to immerse the player in an all-new gameplay experience, combining reality and interactivity.

Drakengard tells the tale of love, lore, sacrifice and obligation focusing on the main character Kyme, his sister Friae, and her fiancé and Kyme's childhood friend, Yuvalt. Players will be in for a thrilling ride as they battle on land and in the skies. Not only will the player's attributes evolve throughout the game, his contracted dragon will also mature as the game progresses, changing in appearance and abilities.
* Engage and destroy the enemy on multiple battlefields through different modes of game play: Aerial Combat, Strafe Attack, and Melee Mode

* Fly high on the powerful red dragon and dispatch airborne opponents with devastating dragonfire and special attacks

* Deliver death from above. Fly the dragon over the battlefield to strafe massed arrays of ground forces, and use your advantage in the air to seek out hidden locations and rare items

* Engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy using over 60 different weapons of mayhem

* Unique weapon development system enables weapons to gain experience and increase in level and appearance, rewarding Caim with new combo attacks and abilities, magic and enhanced strength

* Play as several different characters, each equipped with their own set of magic abilities and weapons

* Experience a storyline that changes based on your actions during the game, and uncover multiple endings

* Return to previously cleared areas fora new game play experience, changed environments and new enemies to conquer

* Development team members of PROJECT: DRAGONSPHERE at cavia inc. have worked on blockbuster titles Resident Evil Code: Veronica, the Bust-a-Groove series and Ace Combat.
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