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Dog's Life by Hip Interactive




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  • Crude Humor
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Hip Interactive
  • Developer: Hip Interactive
  • Category: Action , Adventure

Product Details:

Set in the rural midwest US countryside, Dog's Life sees its hero embark on an epic journey that spans the US, taking in everything from ski resorts to vibrant cities along the way.

Play as the nimble-pawed protagonist, Jake, a plucky pup with a nose for adventure, you'll sniff out a sinister dog-napping plot involving the canine-hating Miss Peaches and Jake's pedigree chum, Daisy. This is the world's first game where you can truly be a dog - Dog's Life allows you to take on the role of a lifelike hound, rather than prancing round as a bipedal canine caricature. So you can play fetch, sniff out food, chase chickens, and explore your world - doggy-style.
* Control and interact with over 15 breeds of dog, each with distinct traits and abilities.

* Real game variety - each dog handles differently and can be used to solve different puzzles.

* Unique smellovision mode which allows you to see the world through Jake's eyes.

* Massive free-roaming environments to explore, with a wealth of characters, mini-games and interactive features to play with.

* Over 40 hours of accessible play.

* Ability to converge with NPC's...chase chickens, steal sausages, shake kittens.

* Nurturing element - keep Jake well-fed and healthy through his adventures.