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Devil May Cry 2 by Capcom




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  • Blood
  • Violence
  • Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Category: Action

Product Details:

Prepare for the next, stylish chapter of Capcom's ultimate action thriller, Devil May Cry! Dante, the mysterious half-man, half-demon action hero is back to battle the legions of the underworld. Sporting trash-talking attitude and rock star good looks, Dante launches into a new adventure with twice the environments, twice the graphic sizzle and twice the gameplay of the original!

As a certain large religion began casting it's shadow throughout the world, the smaller local regions that the people believed soon become outshadowed and before long were known as religions of heresy. Those religions lost their clout. And so in Dumary Island those who continued to worship these small religions soon became heretics and were forced from their homes and eventually developed their own culture and language. The final result was that several different, unique religions were created. The various priests were known as guardians that had inherited special powers from their gods. They use this power to defend the islands from danger.

Uroboros is a company that began spreading throughout many countries aggressively with it's many mining and construction companies. In order to proceed with it's work it began buying up land that had many ancient ruins. Before long the company began to be criticizedby the media and scholars for destroying landmarks.

Concerning the CEO,it is rumored that he has a profound knowledge of archaeology and magical civilizations. Some say that the fact that his company is digging around ancient ruins and his knowledge of these old cultures are related.

An ancient guardian that fought along Dante's father, Sparda, against a powerful evil demon. Also Lucia's mother, it was she taught how to use weapons and martial arts.

No one knows her age, but currently Lucia has taken her place and is now performing the functions of a guardian.

* Twice the game as the original - Devil May Cry 2's level design far exceeds the original. Much of the game's environment is outdoors and will include a Gotham-like cityscape and an old European town. More environments will be announced as the release date approaches!

* Various locations create a much broader environment.

* Two playable characters - Players can play as the ever cool Dante or a brand new heroine

* Renewed character design - Dante is even more stylish' and tough than before. He has gained even more experience fighting demons and players are sure to notice his unique style and overall look.

* Visual Appeal - Incredible animation and visual detail that appear to come straight out of Hollywood.

* Adjusting difficulty - Devil May Cry 2 will track a player's skill level and actually adjust the enemies'difficulty on how well the player performs. This feature will provide accessibility to all skill levels making the game perfect for anyone who loves a good action game.

* New Moves - Dante now has more moves and attacks. As players increase their skill they will be able to execute stunning and effective attacks.

* Enhanced Devil Trigger - Once Dante's devil meter is full, he will be able to transform into a demon. This demon form will feature new visual effects and allow Dante to destroy enemies with one smashing blow.

* New and unique weapons - Not only will Devil May Cry 2 feature popular weapons from the original, but it will also include brand new ones. Each weapon will have a unique design and incredible particle effects.